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Good Samaritan Outreach will be hosting a booth at the Wild West Festival 

Come celebrate the Wild West and the birth of the historic town of McAlester, Oklahoma! This annual celebration takes place at the original crossroads that gave birth to our town back in 1840. McAlester was established by the great entrepreneur JJ McAlester, who established several mercantile stores during the time that McAlester was still a "tent town." Both McAlester's original home and his mercantile buildings are still in use and will be available for tour during the festival. 

Movie lovers might recognize the setting which was featured in movie True Grit, starring John Wayne and most recently remade by the Coen Brothers. That ornery Rooster Cogburn traveled into Indian Territory - towards "McAlester's store" while tracking that villain Tom Cheney. Today, visitors can experience the authentic wild west atmosphere, stock up on supplies, and create unique memories that can only be had here at the original crossroads.

The Wild West festival always includes fun events and performances. McAlester's OLD TOWN FESTIVAL is a day you'll always remember. Get set for GUNSLINGER FIGHTS, CHUCKWAGONS, PIE CONTEST, BBQ COOK-OFF, NATIVE AMERICAN DANCING, POW-WOWS, STORY-TELLING, ARTS & CRAFTS, . Kids will enjoy carnival food, face painting, jumping castles, and of course, there's live music, vendor booths, and antique shopping!

Don't miss this fabulous day in historic McAlester Oklahoma! The event attracts thousands of visitors from outside of McAlester so plan to get here early, and stay late. McAlester has a beautiful lake nearby, a local winery you can tour, a mega-entertainment complex, great restaurants, and ton of great hotels where you can stay while here. 

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